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The Kerr County A&M Club is 501 (c) 3 Corporation Status as of January 1, 2017.

Chairman: John M. Penaloza ’89 

Address: 103 Live Oak Lane Kerrville,Texas 78028

e-mail Ph. (830) 257 – 3706, cell (830-) 377-0034

Club e-mail:

Chairman John Penaloza ’89 and Vice Chairman John Burkholder ’71 with Coordinator of Former Student Affairs Ryan Bugai ’17.

Kerr County Club Chairman:   John M. Penaloza ’89  (Webmaster – Football Get-togethers – Music Get-togethers – Muster – Scholarships – Sporting Clays Shoot)

John M. Penaloza ’89, was born and raised in Waco, Texas. I earned a BA in Business Finance in August 1989. Moved to Houston and sought employment in the oil industry. Was employed by Triton Tool and Supply hired as a Materials and Services Expediter and Inventory Control Supervisor was later the Senior Turnkey Analyst at this Turnkey Engineering Corporation.

In 2005 took on the position of Chairman of the Kerr County A&M Club with 300 members and created our website and organizing events like Football Watch Parties. I also help with our Sporting Clays Shoot and giving out scholarships to high school seniors for the past 14 years. In 2019 we gave out (5) $2,000 scholarships double the amount of 2018. The main goals I see for the Kerr County A&M Club are maintaining the level of scholarships and increasing our membership from 750 to 800 members.

Kerr County Vice Chairman:   John Burkholder ’71 (Scholarships – Muster – Football    Get-togethers)

                                                   e-mail Ph. (830) 896 – 2269 Cell (830) 343-3434

Club Treasurer:                        Brian Cowen ’97 (Muster – Football Get-togethers – Sporting Clays Shoot)

                                                    email Cell (830) 370 – 6544

Muster Chairperson:                  Nora Clark ’79 (Muster)

                                                    e-mail Cell (830) 496 – 0127 

Sporting Clays Chairman:        Cuatro Patterson ’89 (Sporting Clays Shoot)

                                                    e-mail Ph. (830) 895-3579 Cell (830) 739 – 3797

Mail Contributions to:

Kerr County A&M Club

Attn: Treasurer Brian Cowen ’97 121 Elm Way

Kerrville, Texas 78028