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The Kerr County A&M Club is 501 (c) 3 Corporation Status as of January 1, 2017.

Chairman: John M. Penaloza ’89 

Address: 103 Live Oak Lane Kerrville,Texas 78028


Ph. (830) 257 – 3706 Cell (830) 377-0034

Club e-mail:

Chairman John Penaloza ’89 


Kerr County Club Chairman:   John M. Penaloza ’89  

(Webmaster – Football Get-togethers –  Music Get-togethers – Muster – Scholarships – Sporting Clays Shoot)

John M. Penaloza ’89, was born and raised in Waco, Texas. I earned a BA in Business Finance in August 1989. Moved to Houston and sought employment in the oil industry. Was employed by Triton Tool and Supply hired as a Materials and Services Expediter and Inventory Control Supervisor assisting in setting the company up on Macola inventory management program.  I was later promoted to Operations Analyst, a cost accountant for offshore drilling projects an then Senior Turnkey Analyst assisting in the consolidation of this Turnkey Drilling Engineering Corporation on SAP.

I moved to Kerrville in 2000 after some health issues but knew that my goal was to give high school seniors the same opportunities that I received with my degree from Texas A&M.

In 2005 took on the position of Chairman of the Kerr County A&M Club with 300 members and created our website on WordPress and organizing events Golf Tournaments and Football Watch Parties. I also enjoy helping with our Sporting Clays Shoot and Muster.  I have assisted in giving out scholarships to high school seniors for the past 16 years. In 2021 we are giving (4) $2,000 scholarships, in 2020 we gave out (5) $2,000 scholarships, the same amount as we we able to give in 2019.  In 2018 the amount was  (6) $1,000 scholarships.  Our main goal I see for the Kerr County A&M Club is maintaining the level of scholarships.  We have increased our email list from 250 to 810 with our total membership of 943 members.

Vice Chairman:  Jared Hunt ’12 (Muster – Football Get-togethers – Scholarships – Sporting Clay  Shoot)


 Cell (830) 370 – 9268

Club Treasurer:  Brian Cowen ’97 (Muster – Football Get-togethers – Scholarships – Sporting Clays Shoot)


Cell (830) 370 – 6544

Muster Chairperson:  Nora Clark ’79 (Muster – Scholarships)


Cell (830) 496 – 0127 

Sporting Clays Chairman:  Cuatro Patterson ’89 (Sporting Clays Shoot)


Ph. (830) 895-3579 

Cell (830) 739 – 3797

Mail Contributions to:

Kerr County A&M Club

Attn: Treasurer Brian Cowen ’97

121 Elm Way

Kerrville, Texas 78028