Kerr County Scholarships and Application

Scholarship eligible schools are: Tivy High, Ingram Tom Moore High, Our Lady of the Hills Regional Catholic High and Center Point High.  Home schooled in Kerr County also eligible.

The Scholarship Application deadline is March 19, 2021.  And it can be downloaded through our website: 

Club e-mail:

Academic Building


2021 Scholarship Application

Five 2020 scholarship recipients:

  1. Jessica Houlston

  2. Andrew Steiler

  3. Garrett Truelock

  4. Makayla Waiser

  5. Jackson Young  

A complete application consists of:

  1. One hard copy of  your official high school transcript with SAT and/or ACT scores.

  2. The Application form with all 5 sections completed, including narrative.

  3. A completed and signed Teacher Recommendation Form.

  4. A Zoom interview will also be conducted.