2022 Scholarship Winners

Seven 2022 Tivy Scholarship Award Winners

In 2022 the Kerr County A&M Club was able to award eight $2,000 scholarships.  This is twice as many $2,000 scholarships as in 2021 due to a generous donation by Mrs. Donna Walker.  Seven from Tivy High School and one from Our Lady of the Hills High School.  We should be able to match this next year.  All of the applicants showed extreme maturity and great goals.  We all know that without goals you have nothing to pursue.

  1. Paige Foster – Tivy High School Valedictorian

  2. Emma Cantu – Our Lady of the Hills Salutatorian

  3. Alina McCormick – Tivy High School Top 10

  4. Kindal Brown – Tivy High School

  5. Nanami Dolley – Tivy High School

  6. Gavin Truelock – Tivy High School

  7. Jayde Edwards – Tivy High School

  8. Kathrine Maguire -Tivy High School